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General Eloquent Recipes

Tips that make your code better and your day-to-day life eaiser.

Relationship Recipes

Working with Eloquent relationships is sometimes confusing. These tips will help you write more efficient code.

Factory and Migration Recipes

Make them cleaner to work with.

Other Eloquent Recipes

Other useful not-so-well-known Eloquent features and tips.

About The Book

"Laravel Eloquent Recipes" is a 38-page guide that teaches you 39 awesome but not-so-well-known Laravel Eloquent features and tips. They earned 100,000s impressions and 1,000s likes on Twitter.Delivered to you in 4 categories:

General Eloquent Recipes

  • How to use the new Attribute cast in Laravel 8

  • How to avoid if-else statements with the when helper

  • Or how to hide sensitive information with invisible columns

Relationship Recipes

  • How to avoid null checking with the withDefault

  • How you can write high-level code using the whereRelation or whereBelongsTo

  • How you can write custom relationship logic using ofMany

Factory and Migration Recipes

  • How to write migrations that almost read like an English sentence

  • How you can save code with Factory States

Other Eloquent Related Recipes

  • How to log every database query with 5 lines of code.

  • How to avoid N+1 queries

...and more. These Eloquent tips will help you write cleaner, more efficient code.

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